Eisin Technology Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer and sales company of Jewelry Casting Equipment, Compressor Recycling and Leak Tester.


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Since our company was founded, we have designed and manufactured many labor-saving devices, inspection machines, and assembly machines.We will provide safe and high-quality products based on the knowledge and know-how we have cultivated through our experience and achievements.
In today's rapidly changing world, customer demands are becoming increasingly diverse.Above all, Eishin Giken aims to be a partner that can contribute to the growth of our customer companies.

Jewelry products
Japan     : 4models of demonstration products are exhibited.
Thailand : 4models of demonstration products are exhibited.
China     : The demonstration product of ISAI is exhibited.
Recycling products
Japan     : 5models of demonstration products are exhibited.

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This is a promotional video of jewelry casting and compressor recycling equipment.