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  We have been developing a variety of labor-saving equipment, inspection machines and assembly devices since our foundation. As time has changed, we have launched a wide range of products including ODM to the world market based on our expertise and experience.
  Furthermore, we are continuing efforts to develop humanoid robots, electric appliance recycling equipment and other future-oriented technologies with a challenger spirit.


◆ Research on Humanoid Robots                ■ Disaster robot ■ movies ■ Future Plans

What's New

2019/01/25              ■ New humanoid robot development corner established
2019/01/25              ■ YouTube 1 / You Tube 2

◆ Machines for Lost Wax Precision Casting for Jewelry Manufacturing    
 We have been developing and manufacturing machines
for casting for more than 30 years.
In our new project,we will establish sales bases overseas and start marketing
these products under our own brand names.

 Our corporate policy is to provide excellent products and services
to customers at reasonable prices. 
VWI : Digital Vacuum Wax Injector No Stock
This is the system in which wax is injected inrubber molds with operation conditions digitally set.
DAC : Digital Auto Clamp No Stock
Clamp a rubber mold.
Mountable in a conventional VWI
The end of the production : 

There are many stocks.

VWI+DAC+Height Adjuster No Stock
EBF-ST : Small-size Rotating Burnout Furnace
A two-stage rotary table suitable for use in the high temperature casting of platinum.


EBF-LT : Large-size Rotating Burnout Furnace
Equipped with a two-stage rotary table for uniformly burning a large amount of plaster molds.
Vacuum Pressure Casting Machine
for Gold and Silver.
TAKUMI+Normal Clamp
Wax Injector Integration New model
 Option : Normal clamp
 Option : Multi clamp
New technology
Currently Applying for 4 International Patents
and 6 Japanese Patents
Fine Automatic Digital Vaccum Wax Injector

Units for Recycling of Home Appliances
◆For Creation of Future Development of Units for Recycling of Home Appliances
Our company is a recycling machine manufacturer in Japan.
Our equipment is produced in Japan, and there are about 20 companies introduced in Japan.Some customers have used our machine since 2006 in Japan.Because our machine is of high quality,  almost no repair request has occurred.

Shell Cutter

This unit is designed to automatically cut two parts of the cylindrical shell of a reciprocal, rotary black motor, whether the cross-sectional shape is a circle, ellipse or square, by the setting of a laser marker.

Only for Oval Shell Cutter
Only for Sylinder Shell Cutter
This unit is designed to cut for oval or sylinder type compressore.

Longitudinal Cutter

 This unit is intended to circumferentially cut copper wire coils wrapped around a stator.

Copper Wire Cutter

 This unit is designed to cut a rotary cylindrical shell longitudinally and remove copper wire coils, stators and electromagnetic steel sheets.

Copper Wire Drawer

 This unit is intended to pull out copper wire coils from a stator and separate copper wires from electromagnetic steel sheets.

Bracket and Pipe Cutter

 This unit is designed to cut brackets, accumulators and pipes that are parts of a rotary black motor.

Our company has been working very hard to reduce the prices of all our devices in response to increasing demands and at the request of recycling manufacturers both in Japan and overseas.
① We try to reduce the unit prices of the cutting tools or other parts by producing and stocking many of them for exports.
② We will set several categories of the high-price ‘shell cutter (This can cut both reciprocating shell and rotary shell, and automatic cutting is possible), so that our customers can choose the cutter from options ranging from the high-price cutter with full specification one to the lowest-price one with limited specifications.
③ We are currently developing the dedicated rotary shell cutter in addition to the conventional dedicated reciprocating shell cutter, and we will sell them at much lower prices than the shell cutter described above.
We will supply our products at much lower prices for your new orders, starting from April 1, 2018. We are willing to give a quotation again for any products for which we quoted the price in the past. Please feel free to contact us any time.

◆ Flow of pictures and Video of Whole Process of Taking Apart Black Motor.

■ Flow of pictures and Videos of whole process
    ※It may take some time before the video data are loaded.
■ Demonstration Units on Display.  You can try using each of units ①, ②, ③, ④ and ⑤ any time at our workplace.
■ We will develop and manufacture a variety of recycling and decomposing machines, jigs and tools.
    Please feel free to contact us.
■ We contribute to solution of global environmental issues, recovery of resources and reduction of waste discharge.

 We obtained a patent for the transverse cutter for black motor shells, and the patents for the other units are pending.
 We will be glad to provide customization services regarding safety measures, the colors of the units, etc.

◆The demonstration products
■ Jewelry products

   Japan  :4models of demonstration products are exhibited.
   Thailand :4models of demonstration products are exhibited.
   China  :The demonstration product of RBF-L is exhibited.

■ Recycling products

   Japan  :5models of demonstration products are exhibited.