Bracket Pipe Cutter

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■  Hydraulic Shell Cutter ※ Higher Model(Pneumatic Shell Cutter)
■  Longitudinal Cutter※ If necessary,After shell cutter processing

■  Copper Wire Cutter※ Only A/C Moter(Instead of Motor core copper wire cutter)
■  (Ref)Compressor disassembly whole process 

Bracket and Pipe Cutter

◆ Appearance

◆ Features
・ The unit is designed to fit a variety of sizes.

・ Use of the hydraulic cylinder enhances performance of separation and cutting.

・ The board for placing the works, the shape of the cutter and the safety devices can be custom designed.

 ・ The removed brackets are dropped into the rear portable cart by the shooter.  


◆ Videos


◆ General Specifications


Rear Shooter
・The shooter is separated, and the accumulators dropping in the shooter can be moved in the portable cart.



・Dropped Accumulators  
Separated Brackets and Cut Copper Pipes

Compressor dismantling process Here