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■  Hydraulic Shell Cutter ※ Higher Model(Pneumatic Shell Cutter)
■  Longitudinal Cutter※ If necessary,After shell cutter processing

■  Copper Wire Cutter※ Only A/C Moter(Instead of Motor core copper wire cutter)
■  (Ref)Compressor disassembly whole process 

Copper Wire Drawer


◆ Appearance

◆ Features
・After copper wires on the upper part of a stator are cut, just push the start button.

・The drawn out wires drop below and are discharged from the rear shooter.  See the pictures below.

・The stator clamp is designed to fit a variety of shapes.




◆General Specifications



Rear Shooter

Dropped Copper Wires
Separated Copper Wires and Stators

Compressor dismantling process Here