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■  Hydraulic Shell Cutter ※ Higher Model(Pneumatic Shell Cutter)
■  Longitudinal Cutter※ If necessary,After shell cutter processing

■  Copper Wire Cutter※ Only A/C Moter(Instead of Motor core copper wire cutter)
■  (Ref)Compressor disassembly whole process 

Pneumatic Shell Cutter


◆ Appearance

◆ Features

・Specializing in cutting processing. Reduced functions and reduced costs.

・It is possible to chuck all types of shells,
whether the shape is a cylinder, oval or ellipse.
・Cutting is done by deforming the composition, and almost no cut chips are left.


◆ Videos

 Cylinder Compressor Cutting
・Oval Compressor Cutting

 ◆ General Specifications


Cylinder Compressor ※Before Cutting 
Oval Compressor ※Before Cutting

Cylinder Compressor ※After Cutting
Oval Compressor ※After Cutting

Chucking  and  Blade 
・Can cut compressors of various sizes.
・The blade is a consumable item. The blade can be easily replaced.

Compressor dismantling process Here