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■  Hydraulic Shell Cutter ※ Higher Model(Pneumatic Shell Cutter)
■  Longitudinal Cutter※ If necessary,After shell cutter processing

■  Copper Wire Cutter※ Only A/C Moter(Instead of Motor core copper wire cutter)
■  (Ref)Compressor disassembly whole process 

Recycling of Home Appliances
◆For Creation of Future Development of Units for Recycling of Home Appliances
Our company is a recycling machine manufacturer in Japan.
Our equipment is produced in Japan, and there are about 20 companies introduced in Japan.Some customers have used our machine since 2006 in Japan.Because our machine is of high quality,  almost no repair request has occurred.


Bracket and Pipe Cutter 

 This unit is designed to cut brackets, accumulators and pipes that are parts of a rotary black motor.

Pneumatic Shell Cutter

Specializing in cutting processing. Reduced functions and reduced costs.



Motor core copper wire cutter 

 Cut the copper wire on one end of the stator.

Copper Wire Drawer

 This unit is intended to pull out copper wire coils from a stator and separate copper wires from electromagnetic steel sheets.

Hydraulic Shell Cutter

This unit is designed to automatically cut two parts of the cylindrical shell of a reciprocal, rotary black motor, whether the cross-sectional shape is a circle, ellipse or square, by the setting of a laser marker.

Longitudinal Cutter

 This unit is intended to circumferentially cut copper wire coils wrapped around a stator.

Copper Wire Cutter

 This unit is designed to cut a rotary cylindrical shell longitudinally and remove copper wire coils, stators and electromagnetic steel sheets.

◆ Flow of pictures and Video of Whole Process of Taking Apart Compressors.

■ Flow of pictures and Videos of whole process >
    ※It may take some time before the video data are loaded.
■ Demonstration Units on Display.  You can try using each of units ①, ②, ③, ④ and ⑤ any time at our workplace.
■ We will develop and manufacture a variety of recycling and decomposing machines, jigs and tools.
    Please feel free to contact us.
■ We contribute to solution of global environmental issues, recovery of resources and reduction of waste discharge.

 We obtained a patent for the transverse cutter for black motor shells, and the patents for the other units are pending.
 We will be glad to provide customization services regarding safety measures, the colors of the units, etc.