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Jewelry casting equipment
 We have been developing and manufacturing machines
for casting for more than 30 years.
In our new project,we will establish sales bases overseas and start marketing
these products under our own brand names.

 Our corporate policy is to provide excellent products and services
to customers at reasonable prices. 
The end of the production:No Stock
VWI : Digital Vacuum Wax Injector
The end of the production:No Stock
DAC : Digital Auto Clamp
The end of the production:No Stock
VWI+DAC+Height Adjuster
EBF-ST : Small-size Rotating Burnout Furnace
A two-stage rotary table suitable for use in the high temperature casting of platinum.


EBF-LT : Large-size Rotating Burnout Furnace
Equipped with a two-stage rotary table for uniformly burning a large amount of plaster molds.
Vacuum Pressure Casting Machine
for Gold and Silver.
TAKUMI+Normal Clamp
Wax Injector Integration New model
 Option : Normal clamp
 Option : Multi clamp
Fine Automatic Digital Vaccum Wax Injector
New technology
Currently Applying for 4 International Patents
and 6 Japanese Patents